Tideswell Allotment Association
About Us.

1. The Law

At all times Tideswell and District Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association will abide by the statutory requirements of the Allotments Acts 1908-50, 1972 and any new statutory obligations governing allotments.


2. Tenancy

Tenancy agreements begin on 1 February each year; terminating on 31 January the following year. Agreements will automatically rollover into the next year unless the tenancy has been terminated.  Tenants must advise the Association of any change of address or other contact details.


3. Rental Cost

The cost of rental is determined by the AGM of the Association each year and

payment is due at the end of the AGM.


4. Sub-letting or Re-letting

              Tenants cannot re-let or sublet any part of the allotment.  Tenants wishing to share                the allotment must obtain the permission of the Association Committee.


5.  Use of the Site

             The allotment site is to be used for the cultivation/production of food    and/or flowers            for the use of the tenant and their family and friends.  Animals may be kept on the                site as provided for in these Rules.

         The allotment site shall not be used for storage, except for equipment used on the                site.


6. Paths and Boundaries

All tenants are required to maintain the pathway between their plots to a width of 3 feet (1m).  Any tenant with a boundary hedge must ensure the hedge is  kept neat and   tidy. Tenants must not disturb nesting birds; for this reason hedges must only be cut during the autumn-winter months. (ie, not be cut after March or before the end of September.) Fencing should be secure and barbed wire is not to be used.


     7. Planting of Trees

                  The roots of mature trees can steal nutrients and water from surrounding plots. Also                    tree branches could place surrounding plots into unwanted shade.  For this reason,                    tenants may not plant trees of any type which will grow to over 3 metres, and the                    branches must not overhang another allotment or path.


8. Sheds, Greenhouses and Portable Buildings

Sheds and greenhouses are permitted up to a maximum size of 12ft x 10ft ground area. Tenants wishing to erect poly-tunnels or larger structures must have the permission of the Committee. Only one shed and one greenhouse per plot is permitted.  Concrete bases must not be used.  (Structures which pre-date this agreement are allowed to remain).



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