Tideswell Allotment Association
About Us.

The Tideswell Allotment Association is a friendly and very informal assembly of all those who cultivate the allotments off Church Lane in Tideswell.  The membership is broad - and generally composed of anyone who aspires to owning a shed - and the approaches to growing are as varied as the members. Some are new to the whole experience while others (you know who you are!) have worked their sites for so long they’ve forgotten what “twitch” looks like - their knowledge is huge and we’re pretty sure that none of them bite so taking advantage of their experience is a really good idea.

about us

“Order please around the bar!”


The Committee meets irregularly for discussion about the running of the Association.


Clare Hicken is the Chair

Alan Brignell is Treasurer

Josie Kilner is the Secretary


There is a Show sub committee responsible for the organisation and promotion of the annual horticultural show and site management.  Current members include Alan Brignell,  Lynn Crowe, David Torrington, Clare Hicken, Peter Gibbon, Josie Kilner and Howard Crowe


The TAA annual meeting is held in January/ February each year